A new approach to therapy using art, body movement and the celebration of culture

Here's What We Do

YOU tell us what you ENJOY and we do our best to incorporate this into the therapy sessions when possible. 


Because radical healing incorporates body movement, mindfulness practice and the celebration of your unique culture. This paired with talk therapy assists our brains in rearranging our muscle memory, builds a therapeutic relationship with your therapist, makes tough topics more bearable to discuss AND makes sessions FUN. At Creative Kuponya, we believe in the power of human relationship and our first order of business is always connecting you with the right therapist to fit your needs! If we are not the right fit, we have connections to numerous other providers in the field to connect you the provider that is right for you!

Research shows that 90% of successful therapy is directly correlated to the power of relationship.

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I was both timid and determined to start, really start, the work of becoming an active antiracist. I knew, though, I had to reach outside my comfort zone. The buzz for white bodies was to start having “difficult conversations” around race. Oh geez, how do I do that? Especially since most of my friends, family, and community are white? I did it . . . one sit in the grass at a time. I showed up at Triangle park each week the summer of 2020 and sat in wholehearted, raw, real, generous conversation with others from the community who felt outraged and vulnerable in the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder. And it could not have happened without the sincere and skillful guidance of Creative Kuponya’s fearless leaders, Jamil and Sara. They heard us. They guided us. They held us in a compassionate circle.

--Libby, Minneapolis

"Insurance not accepted" philosophy

At this time, Creative Kuponya does not accept insurance due to these companies forcing a diagnosis and mandating specific forms of healing. Historically the medical model in which mental health care is embedded has over-diagnosed or abused the power of diagnosis, specifically for women and BIPOC. Insurance companies also do not recognize all forms of community healing. We work on a sliding scale fee model and work to make our services accessible to all. We also accept donations from the community to help marginalized groups access the high quality mental health care that Creative Kuponya offers.

Working to make it accessible for all